Welcome to Free Fire Apps!

Anyone who owns an original Kindle Fire, or any of its new variants, knows the only apps they have access to are from Amazon’s App store, which is a fraction of what is available on the Android app store on Google Play.

One way around this is to “sideload” apps on to it.  This means getting your hands on an app installation file and loading it on to the Fire via a USB cable or other means.  Another is to download apps directly from Google Play but this requires rooting your Kindle Fire and installing the Market app and other Google Services. This is very difficult for most people to do.

Note: The majority of apps on this site do not require access to Google Play to work, or are limited without access, but some do and will require rooting your phone in order for them to work.

Even if you are rooted, Google Play blocks many downloads as being “incompatible” with the Kindle Fire – even though they work just fine (like the great Dolphin HD browser).

Free Fire Apps was created to allow you to download directly to your Kindle Fire for some of Google Play’s most popular free apps. The app installation files (APKs) are downloaded directly from Google Play and then uploaded to this site.  To combat leaching, downloads require (free) registration.

Of course, from time to time as the Amazon App store expands, you will see some apps here that are available there.  However, they will not be removed from Free Fire Apps for that reason.  In this case, I highly recommend downloading those apps from the Amazon App store, as you will get notified of updates and they may have been tweaked to run better on the Kindle Fire.

Apps are also not regularly updated once they have been added to the site.  If you see an app that is out of date and you need a newer version of it, let us know and we will updated to the latest version available on Google Play.

Finally, please use the “Report” link to notify us of inappropriate posts (copyrighted, restricted, etc.) and out of date apps we haven’t update.  If you are a developer/owner and do not want your app hosted on this site, using this reporting tool or contacting us directly will ensure the app is removed as quickly as possible.