11 Responses to PayPal

  1. grahambrockie says:

    downloaded, installed, but the icon will not show on my kindle

  2. tcwjones says:

    This did install on my Kindle Fire HD but will not accept my password even though I then went back to my Galaxy Note and used the same account info and when I used the same password and everything was accepted as usual!

    • Hi there, I’m not sure why you are having trouble logging in. It installed fine on my Fire and had no issues logging in. Do you have CAPS LOCK or something else enabled that may be causing you to enter an incorrect password?

  3. barbjj says:

    This downloaded ok but won ‘t install on my Kindle Fire even though I have the option selected to download 3rd party apps. How can I get this to work?????

  4. greg says:


  5. duvi says:

    Did not work

  6. eighteentee says:

    Doesn’t install for me

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